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Here’s a short one, in more ways than one.

“Too much input” could be the most basic definition for modern western life. There’s way too much stuff being shot at our attention: too many people, too many events, too many waves bobbing up & down while we try to breathe above the surface. News, calls & messages from friends, unwanted telemarketers, advertisements in print, online, and in your soup, annoying blog posts Read the rest of this entry »


Sound like Yoda, mean to I did not.
(If you haven’t seen Star Wars, never mind. Then again, in which galaxy have you been?)

In order to establish a foundation for the next few posts that I’m considering to write, let’s first discuss a very basic view about a fundamental, yet too often overlooked, fact of life whose disregard I believe underlies most, if not all, of Life’s troubles and misfortunes. It is the factor of Read the rest of this entry »

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