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Is it the end of the world or the beginning of everything?

It is true that change often begins with destruction but this is also a time for rebirth and recreation. Not so much a spiritual awakening, as a shift in consciousness from a society based on the individual, to a society based on collectivity.

The year 2012 stands for a societal renaissance, a coming of age as a driving political force: the realization that our personal power is multiplied to the nth fold when we unite with like-minded individuals.

Since the onset of the Internet, we Read the rest of this entry »


Dear All,

Early this Sunday morning I was awakened by words dancing in my head and in my mouth and I knew they couldn’t wait to be published. It’s taken me longer than I hoped to write my first post on our blog but now I know I will have to make the time for the words that keep coming. Hope this speaks to you as it does to me. Read the rest of this entry »

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