Dear All,

Early this Sunday morning I was awakened by words dancing in my head and in my mouth and I knew they couldn’t wait to be published. It’s taken me longer than I hoped to write my first post on our blog but now I know I will have to make the time for the words that keep coming. Hope this speaks to you as it does to me.

Speeding towards insanity

the thin veneer of civilization

drops away like a plunging knife

If the sun rises tomorrow

so might we

the ghost children of our parents’ hopes and dreams

reborn out of the ashes of a greedy youth

and into the blazing fire of awareness

It is time to dream a new dream

one we will never wake screaming from

but can live with eyes wide open

There are holy days ahead of us

life and death dance delicately

nothing unnecessary will survive

but there is nothing to fight

Choices made now are amplified by the streamlined Universe



What gifts will we bear to the new birth of One?

One Light,