Hello again, everyone!

Since you last came by we’ve had some productive weeks here in Sexy Mexi. We’ve been working, exercising, visiting old friends & family, getting sick, getting better, singing & photographing funk & blues shows, making new friends, and wondering what to write to get your thirsty eyes & mice back at the blog.

I’ve decided to write another quick post this time; actually one without even a central line of thought. This one’s a selection of short phrases and simple insights that I’ve come up with during the past few years, and they come to you directly from my little brown book. The black one is neither full nor interesting enough yet.

These are all original, and I kindly ask that if anyone copies or uses them that due credit is given to the author (yours truly) in every case. A link to this post/blog would be nice too.

You may agree with them or think they’re total nonsense. Either way I don’t care. I just want to share them with you. I think they’re cool, so there.

Carli’s Short Cuts, Chapter I:

* Passion underlies talent. Feed your passions, and your skills will grow like bamboo.

* Trying to see with the eyes can sometimes limit the mind’s infinite receptivity. The solution sometimes appears in the stillness of the dark.

* When someone keeps blabbering nonsense, nonstop, over and over, making you want to stretch your ears to the opposite side of your head, you unflinchingly interrupt and, very politely, say:
“Ok… Now SHUT UP, and SAY something!”

* Being a professional is not only about knowing your craft and tools, although this is imperative. It is also about being a genuinely desirable person to be with. This will aid one’s skills in ramming through any closed door.

* Heavy Metal is one of the best therapies I’ve ever found. It’s pure Universe.

* When you want something that you know is right for you to have, ask for it shamelessly, like an order.

* I want to be an Alchemist:  turn shit to gold.
(After reading Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”)

* I believe we are the only species that, if completely removed from Earth at our present conscious level, would not be missed at all by any other.
Except for maybe a few dogs. Then they’d get over it in a week.

* It’s hard to have patience when one doesn’t know what’s happening.
(Hint: take the time to find out, and it’ll be smoooth.)

* All the greats in any field seem to be able to slow down time to a speed at which they control the pieces of their game so masterfully that the rest of us can only watch long after they’ve done it.
(How, and in what areas, should I magnify time?)

* Watch yourself doing those things that don’t serve you.
How do they feel?
How do you look?
What would you say to someone else who was doing the exact, same thing???

* Anyone who cares about my age or weight more than I do should go find a fucking hobby.

* Moving forward?
Keep walking.

* It’s strange that without Heavy Metal my images would not be what they are.

* Why photography???  Didn’t we just see the damn thing a moment ago?!?

* Life is a parody of itself.

* My stapler makes me want to staple. I love that crunch.

* The old Me still pops up to resist the new Me.
What a dumbass!

* Typing the word opinion quickly and without looking requires an accomplished pianist.

* There are no issues when there is no time to waste.
And there is no time to waste.
So what’s the issue?

So, to close up for now:
Do you keep a book in which you write down striking thoughts, unintended jokes, spontaneous insights, and other fleeting experiences?

If you do, you know what it feels like.
If you don’t, then consider getting one and carrying it with you. Find a pen or pencil that gives your hand an orgasm as you immortalize your thoughts into delicious curves on paper. Then, whenever you think of something worth keeping as a later reminder or for sharing with someone else, jot it down with that pen or pencil on your book or pad. You can even give one out as a present for someone you know (hint: Christmas is coming up soon!).

Going through the mere motions of stopping at a thought, whether pleasant or unpleasant, and reflecting upon it, and then taking a moment to write it down, as trivial as it may seem, opens a door to introspection and evaluation of what’s going on in our mind at that moment. This simple act can give us a clearer view of any situation we’re involved in and, if nothing else, can allow us a moment of well-deserved stillness of mind.

Going back to what we’ve recorded earlier can also give us insights into who we have been in the past, and can unearth clues that we can reinterpret and apply in the present. When reading some of these old notes I realize that some of them are bigger epiphanies than I had considered when I originally put them on paper.

These can be shared later or kept private. Write nonetheless. Of course, when we open our thoughts to others we can risk looking like our heads are coming out from behind our legs, but we also find that new alliances can form from the shattered silence of common human issues.
I share these with you because I was born with my head there anyway.

Now is your turn:
Close your eyes.
Then leave that thought below.

Make it fresh.
Make it genuine.
Make it stupid.

Let’s have fun.

Stay Conscious,

PS – How many of you actually tried typing opinon?