Sound like Yoda, mean to I did not.
(If you haven’t seen Star Wars, never mind. Then again, in which galaxy have you been?)

In order to establish a foundation for the next few posts that I’m considering to write, let’s first discuss a very basic view about a fundamental, yet too often overlooked, fact of life whose disregard I believe underlies most, if not all, of Life’s troubles and misfortunes. It is the factor of constant, ever present change.

Change, we could argue, is a synonym for Life itself. In our Universe (are there any others?), nothing is ever in a state of stillness. Everything that exists as matter, energy, or thought (all of which are, in essence, energy) is constantly shifting, morphing, withering, or regenerating. Expansion and contraction have, ubiquitously, forever been, and forever will continue to be.

We may disagree with this premise if we come solely from the standpoint of our limited, bodily senses, and say, for example, that the book on the far left on the second shelf has not moved in three years. It’s exactly the way grandma left it there during Timmy’s eighth birthday party. Look at the dust that has collected on it! This may be so, that its position relative to the shelf has not changed, at least from a human eye’s point of view. However, if we look through a microscope at the molecular structure of its pages, we will find that chemical reactions with the atmosphere have occurred, albeit not yet perceivable to our naked eyes. We could also perceive changes in its composition through our sense of smell if we had a nose as sensitive as, say , a dog’s. And we can also say that in those three years during which the book has not moved from that shelf it has traveled around the sun three times.

Life, the Universe, is constant change.
Everything is moving.
∞ Always ∞
Whatever conforms to this ever present transformation continues to live.
Whatever fails to adapt to the ebb and flow of this endless sea of perpetual motion begins to dissolve and ceases to be.
It is, plainly, as simple as that.

There is also evidence, as documented by notable physicists the World over, that the Universe itself is accelerating. As this multidimensional latticework that contains and is made up of everything continues to expand infinitely (space) and eternally (time), the rate at which it so does keeps getting faster and faster. Speed feeds on itself. The details of these findings are beyond the scope of this post, but suffice it to conclude that change comes upon – or rather, flows through – us at an ever-increasing rate.

OK… so what’s your point?

Regarding the present situation of the world, everything is getting “better and better, worse and worse, faster and faster”, as Jim Garrison, President and Founder of the State of the World Forum, has candidly put it. Our species has in recent years reached a spike in its development and thus come speeding at an imminent  crossroads. This, of course, has implications that permeate everything we do in one form or another. Failure to realize and act upon this immediately can degrade the quality of life in several ways at an individual and familial level, whether presently noticeable or not. At a national and global level, inaction can progressively cause more weather inconsistencies, drying of fertile land, melting of the poles, unnecessary hunger, violence due to poverty, and economic instability, among other drastic situations.

That is the bad news.

The good news is, ironically, the same situation, as seen from a different point of view.

This evolutionary spike, especially in terms of technological advancement, has already endowed us humans with the ability to either serve a sweeping demise to our own race as well as to thousands of other species on the Planet, or construct a magnificent civilization of interconnectedness, abundance, and longevity never before seen or even believed possible. This acceleration of everything has this far spun a rapid, simultaneous progression and regression across the Globe, evidenced by opposite extremes like a rising amount of human conflict versus new alliances, melting ice caps versus reforestation in some sectors, declarations of war versus expanding spiritual growth movements, among other seemingly contradictory situations. Given this acceleration of change, a moment will come when something will have to give. Something must pop. Although nobody can predict exactly when this will happen, it is clear that it will not take very long.

So, what do we do?
Or more specifically, what changes can I begin to make today that will contribute to the upward flow of this current?
And what do I need to let go of in order to ready myself and help my fellow humans to get on the right track?

The mere act of asking these questions will bring answers. And heeding these answers can only begin as a glimpse of courage in the mind. Then, out of that courage a choice is made to act on that answer.

The solution can only come from within each individual, and as a direct result of a conscious shift in our own definition of what I’m here for and what my place in Life is. Sure, governments and corporations can make significant policy changes that could trigger a massive ecological, economic, and social improvement wave across the Planet, but why would they do it now when they are doing just fine, from their point of view? What will it take for the so-called “big players” to become aware of the consequences of their actions?

The answer is simple.
It will take our awareness of the consequences of our own actions for the shift toward the positive to happen. When each individual becomes responsible for what s/he is creating at home, at work, while commuting, s/he is then capable of knowing which actions will help us evolve and which will dig us a deeper hole. When we perceive beyond our physical senses in the same manner that we see beyond that mere book sitting on the shelf, we begin to see new possibilities of what we can create. When I believe that I can use my intention to create a change in the world around me is when I begin to exercise my purpose so that we all move in the right direction. This is true Power.

Albert Einstein said, “the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” This clearly tells us that we must rise above our current situation, overcome the fear of this ever present change (which is, after all, all that we am), and adapt to and act upon what we know will give us a long-lived civilization in harmony with a healthy, life supporting ecosystem. In this Universe, nothing and no one is ever in a state of stillness and therefore we are, at any given instant, either progressing or regressing. Living by conscious choice is the only way that we will get and stay on our feet.

And yes, we can read this and think, “yeah, they have to become conscious of what they’re doing!  It’s the public’s responsibility!”  Beware. This voice removes “me” from “the public”, proclaiming “me” innocent and apart from the game. This is the voice we must look out for, as it speaks from the level of thinking that created the problem. “The public” is a bunch of “mes”, and each “me” is as accountable as any other.
This evolutionary shift begins with me, the reader, this human being living on Earth.
And it begins right now.

Together is the way toward a sustainable civilization.
WeAmOne, remember?

What changes can I begin to make today?
What do I need to let go of?

Ask the questions. The answers will come.

Stay Conscious,