Welcome all to launch time at WeAmOne.
Our purpose in creating this forum is to bring together those of us who are not only looking for, but finding answers to questions of a higher magnitude than “cabernet or malbec?” and somehow continue to rake up more inquiries along the way. We intend to provide, through our posts and your comments, some insight into what this stream of unstoppable change widely known as Life is all about and motivation to continue to grow as individuals and, consequently, as the infinitely powerful species we are barely waking up to be.

Our title comes from an almost accidental twist in grammar that I stumbled upon not long ago while attempting to describe the delightfully intimate relationship between my girlfriend Carmen and me. The phrase has turned out to imply much more than the grammatically correct version of saying almost the same thing. It just makes sense. A recovering perfectionist, I chose to keep this “mistake”, even through the initial reaction to nip it because it was “incorrect grammar”. In recent years I’ve learned, at a conscious level, that serendipity and a certain amount of chaos have allowed, time and again, for many great ideas to come about. This is just one of the principles we will see and use throughout this forum. So, the statement “We am one” was put on my list of phrases and ideas to use publicly at some point, and when Carmen recently suggested during a brainstorming session that this could be the name for the blog, bells went off, and so the overwhelming, unanimous decision of 2 to 0 was made.

The premise of this forum is simple, and just two degrees of influence beyond the two-person relationship for which its name initially came into being: we ALL live on one Planet, breathe in one atmosphere, eat and drink from one worldly harvest, and interact, whether knowingly or unaware, with one biosphere that contains, nurtures, and depends on ALL of us. Perceived human diversity notwithstanding – all the various cultures, religions, economic models, points of view, professional paths, favorite sports teams, etc. – we all share the same basic principles, wishes, and needs.

We are not us and them.
We are You and I.

with no s p a c e s in between.

And so, without further ado… Here We Am.

I have thought of so many topics with which to kick off this blog that it has been difficult to just choose one and type away. Here are but a few that have crossed my mind: change; resistance and discomfort; my background; how we create and can mold our reality (huge topic!); interpersonal relationships (intimate and otherwise); why are we here?; unnoticed intellectual absence and semiconscious “living”; serendipity; knowing vs. knowing; the individual’s and the collective’s role in the climate crisis; gratitude; what is killing you (but at least you know it) vs. dropping it for what you’re passionate about (but have no clue how it will turn out) – a.k.a. cold feet, fear of the unknown, fear of success or failure; procrastination; obedience and conformity; the underrated and overlooked importance of developing one’s awareness; why some people love TV (and why others could not care less); skepticism about personal development…

Whew! So how am I to choose from all of these? Well, the answer just came to me, and it’s very simple. I’m not going to. You are.

So, you’ll have to pitch in your own three cents when you’re done reading this. It’s easy and quick:

Write a comment below mentioning any topic(s) that you’d like to read about, whether mentioned above or not. No suggestion is too dumb. Just please keep it within the thematic scope of this forum. We will not write about the bowel cycles of blacksmithing heretics before the Inquisition, as we frankly don’t care. Your relevant comments will help us tremendously in terms of knowing what the interests of our readers are so that you’ll have an active part in this and stay motivated to come back.

Second, subscribe to this feed by clicking on the button under the blog’s title so that you’ll know when we’ve popped a fresh bun out of the oven. Our system is not too sophisticated at the moment, so unfortunately we can’t yet automatically email everyone interested after each new post. If you’re technically challenged (like us) you can simply write in your calendar to check back with us in about a week.

Finally, share this with everyone you think may be even remotely interested in this. Forget about “Well, s/he might get something out of this but maybe I’ll look like a new age fluffer, or s/he may think that I think there’s something wrong with ‘em and should get it fixed”. Whatever. Just get them here and leave it up to us to catch their attention. You won’t look bad for recommending this page. Ok, maybe you will, but you won’t look any worse than us, who came up with it! Let’s grow this crop! Bring your friends, and especially your foes! As the Chinese general Sun-Tzu said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”.

With this I’ll let you go for now. We’ll prepare the next post as soon as we have enough intelligent feedback on which to build it or whenever spontaneous inspirational combustion strikes next, whichever comes first.

Check the recommended links on the left toolbar every time you come in, as we’ll be changing them periodically. They’re resources that we have found to be inspiring, life-changing, or both. And remember to stretch routinely while you’re on your computer. Take 2 minutes to do it right now, while you mentally process your comments. Get up! I just did.

Thank Yous for coming. We are delighted to be building and expanding this community with you.

Stay Conscious,