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Sound like Yoda, mean to I did not.
(If you haven’t seen Star Wars, never mind. Then again, in which galaxy have you been?)

In order to establish a foundation for the next few posts that I’m considering to write, let’s first discuss a very basic view about a fundamental, yet too often overlooked, fact of life whose disregard I believe underlies most, if not all, of Life’s troubles and misfortunes. It is the factor of Read the rest of this entry »


Welcome all to launch time at WeAmOne.
Our purpose in creating this forum is to bring together those of us who are not only looking for, but finding answers to questions of a higher magnitude than “cabernet or malbec?” and somehow Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, old friends and new ones.

We Am almost ready to launch this awareness rocket into not-so-virtual space.

We’m quite excited to have you see it, so save this link and come on board during the coming days to enjoy the trip!

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