Is it the end of the world or the beginning of everything?

It is true that change often begins with destruction but this is also a time for rebirth and recreation. Not so much a spiritual awakening, as a shift in consciousness from a society based on the individual, to a society based on collectivity.

The year 2012 stands for a societal renaissance, a coming of age as a driving political force: the realization that our personal power is multiplied to the nth fold when we unite with like-minded individuals.

Since the onset of the Internet, we Read the rest of this entry »


Dear All,

Early this Sunday morning I was awakened by words dancing in my head and in my mouth and I knew they couldn’t wait to be published. It’s taken me longer than I hoped to write my first post on our blog but now I know I will have to make the time for the words that keep coming. Hope this speaks to you as it does to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s a short one, in more ways than one.

“Too much input” could be the most basic definition for modern western life. There’s way too much stuff being shot at our attention: too many people, too many events, too many waves bobbing up & down while we try to breathe above the surface. News, calls & messages from friends, unwanted telemarketers, advertisements in print, online, and in your soup, annoying blog posts Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to 2009, the best year-in-the-making so far. With a new calendar to fill and a pristine canvas of 365 days and nights (ok, by this publishing a few less than that), we are ready to paint the Life we want by doing what we love and loving what we do.

We got through 2008 and its ample helping of peace & war, generosity & greed, enlightenment & creationism, a newly elected U.S. President, a musically brilliant but disgracefully mixed Metallica album, and choices accurate & blunderous by just about everyone on the Planet. Good and bad news have come and gone, but if you’re reading this, the fact is that we’re still here. The day has arrived to wake anew with fresh plans and, even more importantly, Read the rest of this entry »

Hello again, everyone!

Since you last came by we’ve had some productive weeks here in Sexy Mexi. We’ve been working, exercising, visiting old friends & family, getting sick, getting better, singing & photographing funk & blues shows, making new friends, and wondering what to write to get your thirsty eyes & mice back at the blog.

I’ve decided to write another quick post this time; actually one without even a central line of thought. This one’s Read the rest of this entry »

Hello again.
My apologies for the long wait for this post. I’ll do my best to keep this one short and… sweet?

It’s hard to look away from the frustration that has followed the controversial economic breakdown in the US and the subsequent “bailout” that was granted to attempt to fix the mess with taxpayer money. The US presidential campaign circus is at its peak, we’ll all soon be game to the advertising frenzy of Christmas shopping season, and news outlets keep dishing out tension everywhere we turn. It seems like so many things are going awry at present, and sometimes Read the rest of this entry »

Sound like Yoda, mean to I did not.
(If you haven’t seen Star Wars, never mind. Then again, in which galaxy have you been?)

In order to establish a foundation for the next few posts that I’m considering to write, let’s first discuss a very basic view about a fundamental, yet too often overlooked, fact of life whose disregard I believe underlies most, if not all, of Life’s troubles and misfortunes. It is the factor of Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome all to launch time at WeAmOne.
Our purpose in creating this forum is to bring together those of us who are not only looking for, but finding answers to questions of a higher magnitude than “cabernet or malbec?” and somehow Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, old friends and new ones.

We Am almost ready to launch this awareness rocket into not-so-virtual space.

We’m quite excited to have you see it, so save this link and come on board during the coming days to enjoy the trip!

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